Gardening Plan week of 3/26/2017

 A little treasure under the snow...

A little treasure under the snow...



Last week’s weather was cold and nasty – as expected. I still have a bit of snow in the shady areas but the rest has melted.  Many of my daffodils are smashed flat and stuck to the mud...

But, the scilla magically started to appear as soon as the snow melted. I love the pretty blue color.

And I have other later varieties of daffodils that will still bloom this spring.


Plus,  the hellebore plants popped back up once the weather got a bit warmer, including this little cutie that I just planted last year.

The weather is supposed to warm up a bit, but there is quite a bit of rain forecasted.  I need some warm, dry weather to finish up the new beds in my vegetable garden.  Probably won’t happen this week. So for this week I'll try....


My plan for this week:

  1. Harden off the lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, onions, and parsley, rudbeccia and snapdragon plants.
  2. Treat the vegetable beds for slugs once the rain passes (the rain tends to dissolve the organic bait and I don’t want to waste it).
  3. Start summer squash in peat pots to plant out later (provided I can get some of this other stuff outside.  My growing space is filled to the brim.
  4. Start some lettuce seedlings indoors for the school to plant in mid-April.
  5. Prune the roses.
  6. Send in Master Gardener application.  I was a Master Gardener before I had my twins, but gave it up to concentrate on family needs.  Since it has been so long, I’ll have to re-apply and re-take the training if selected.  But I decided to get back in if I can.

How did I do Last week?

  1. Re-pot my tomato seedlings into 4 inch pots. Check. Hopefully they are all more comfortable now.
  2. Meet with the school science teacher to develop a plan for this year in the school vegetable garden a friend and I installed last year. – check. We have a plan for this year’s garden.
  3. Research what would be needed to build a butterfly garden at the school. I think it would be fun for the kids to create a Monarch Waystation as part of it and get it certified. Check – we discussed this and there is interest. But since the science teacher is new, we decided it makes more sense to wait and just concentrate on the vegetable garden this year.