Gardening Tasks for the week of 2/26/2017

 The first yellow crocus of the season

The first yellow crocus of the season

This was a great week in the garden.  The bulbs are starting to pop up and some of the perennials are appearing.  The weather was so mild that I got a bunch of things done early.

Plan for this week:

  1. Actually mail the soil test samples I collected in the vegetable garden last week. I want to check my soil pH and nutrient levels so I can fertilize properly. I got the sample kits form Penn State Extension.
  2. Start some Zinnia seedlings in peat pellets.
  3. Meet with St Katharine Drexel school to talk about the plan for their vegetable garden.
  4. Treat my vegetable garden for slugs (weather permitting). I use and organic treatment (like Sluggo or Escar-go) and try to get them early.
  5. Spring weeding (weather permitting).
  6. Start exposing lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and onion starts to the outdoors to harden them off. The need to toughen up before they can be planted outside.
  7. Fertilize apple and pear trees (need to buy more fertilizer).

How did I do last week?

  1. Conduct soil test in the vegetable garden. – Check, sort of.  Took the samples but still need to mail them.
  2. Pot up flowers started 3 weeks ago that have true leaves into flats. - Check.
  3. Start another 40 cell flat of lettuce seeds. – Check, and their sprouting nicely.
  4. Garden clean up (weather permitting). – Check!

I actually got a lot extra done this week. Yea me!

 Can't wait to see flowers...

Can't wait to see flowers...

I got all the old grass and perennial growth cut back to make room for the new growth.  Some of the perennials are popping up including these sweet columbine that I grew from seed last year.

I fertilized the clematis, peonies, roses, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

I added lime to perennials that need a higher pH (blog post on this coming soon).

My husband finished enlarging the vegetable garden fencing for me and is making some additional raised beds.


I planted some spinach seeds on a whim – hoping to get an extra early crop if the weather cooperates.

The weather was so mild, I also gave the lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and onion starts a little outdoor time to start toughing them up.


The coleus I took cuttings from last fall seem to be doing fine and should be ready to go outside when the weather warms up.

We'll see how I do next week.  things are going to get pretty busy in the garden soon.