Gardening Tasks for the week of 2/19/2017

 Hellebore "Royal Heritage"

Hellebore "Royal Heritage"

They are predicting a few warm days in the coming week so I'm hoping to get outside for a bit.  Some the the Hellebores are blooming!

Plan for this week:

  1. Pot up flowers started 3 weeks ago that have true leaves into flats.
  2. Start another 40 cell flat of lettuce.
  3. Garden clean up (weather permitting). I still have some grasses and some of the perennials I left up for winter to cut back.  I've also spotted some evil spring weeds popping up in the perennial and vegetable beds.
  4. Conduct vegetable garden soil test (didn't get to it last week).

How did I do last week?

  1. Start 2 flats of tomatoes. - Check, they are sprouting
  2. Start flowers that require 8 weeks to grow. – Check
  3. Shear the tips of onion starts if needed. - Check, decided to let them grow a bit more
  4. Conduct soil test in the vegetable garden. - Didn't get to this, need to add it to this week.