Gardening Tasks week of 2/5/2017

Keeping track of gardening chores can be a challenge, but if I keep on top of the tasks in the end it saves me work and frustration.

As part of this blog, I’m planning to publish my task list for the upcoming week and how I did against it the previous week.  I’m hoping it will help keep me on schedule, and maybe help others with planning.

Plan for this week:

  1. Get seed starting shelves/lighting set up.
  2. Start onion and scallion seeds.
  3. Start perennial and cold weather flowers (I’m starting Rudbeckia Prairie Sun, tall Snapdragons, a Feverfew for cut flowers, and some Dianthus).
  4. Start a flat of cabbage and broccoli.
  5. Start a flat of lettuce.
  6. Start parsley in peat pellets.

How did I do last week?

  1. Get seed starting supplies including seed starting mix, peat pellets, and peat pots. – Check!
  2. Wash seed starting trays from last year and sterilize them with bleach solution. – Check!
  3. Pick up 2 soil test kits from Penn State Extension to test vegetable garden soil – Check!

I saw those sweet little snowdrops this week, so spring is coming!