Gardening Tasks for the week of 2/12/2017

 The Witch Hazel is blooming...

The Witch Hazel is blooming...

More seed starting this week.  This is the time I start my tomatoes because I pot them up from the flats into 4 inch pots a few weeks before they go into the garden.  They get a little bigger and have a bit more root mass.

Plan for this week:

  1. Start 2 flats of tomatoes.
  2. Start flowers that require 8 weeks to grow in trays to be transplanted into flats once they have true leaves.
  3. Shear the tips of onion starts if needed.
  4. Conduct soil test in the vegetable garden.

How did I do last week?

  1. Get seed starting shelves/lighting set up. - Check
  2. Start onion and scallion seeds. - Check
  3. Start perennial and cold weather flowers. - Check
  4. Start a flat of cabbage and broccoli. - Check
  5. Start a flat of lettuce. - Check
  6. Start parsley in peat pellets. – Check

We had an amazing day of warm, spring like weather so I took the opportunity to do some garden clean up and some pruning.  – Bonus!







The next day it snowed and the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  I guess it really is still winter.