A new garden year...

Hi – I’m Cathrine, welcome to my garden journal.

 I’m not sure the world needs another garden blog, but in part I’m writing this for myself as a way to document the journey.  Of course I hope it can be helpful to other backyard gardeners too.  I adore gardening – it feeds my soul (and my family!).  If I can share that excitement with others I am beyond thrilled.

So what’s the scoop?

Although trained as an environmental engineer, I’ve been an enthusiastic, mainly self-taught, gardener for more than 25 years.  I was a Master Gardener for a while (but having had twins when my first was 3 years old convinced me to put that on the back burner).  I never stopped playing with plants though.

I’m constantly curious about all things garden related – reading, studying, and attempting all kinds of “horticultural experiments and adventures”. 

I garden in the suburbs of Philadelphia in zone 7A.  My property is almost an acre with ever increasing planting beds. I’m not sure exactly what happens, but every year the beds get a bit bigger or new ones seem to mysteriously pop up.  I don’t really notice until its time to mulch them all the next spring.

 I grow mainly perennials but also trees, shrubs and some annuals.  I adore perennials. If I could I would have one of each (well, actually 3 to 5 of each because I like nice, big, juicy clumps of perennial goodness). 

 Awww... the cuteness of baby vegetables...

Awww... the cuteness of baby vegetables...

I also love vegetable gardening and have quite a large one.  I like to start my vegetables from seed and I can and freeze the produce.  I helped create a vegetable garden at a local Catholic school and enjoy helping out there as well.  On the side, I also help a bit at some community gardens.

On my little site here - I intend to share any tips, tricks and favorite finds.  I will also probably wax poetic about some of my favorite plants (sorry, just can’t help it).

But my main hope is to share a kind of real-time gardening to-do list.  I’ll share what’s happening in my garden what I plan to do the next week.  So if you are in zone 7 it might help you plan garden activities.  You may need to adjust the timing a bit if you are not in zone 7.